heat seal

In-house CNC molding system

Our molding processes and equipment are engineered to optimize the production of PadsCure ™ gels/foams. We use computer numerical control (CNC) tooling for the precision needed to meet our quality standards

Heat Seal

Good heat seals are a result of time, temperature and pressure for the correct clean material.  With heat seal equipment, we offer solutions for the joining of fabric covered gel/foam pads with braces and supports in a stretchable and seamless way which in turn gives products a high-end look with the highest strength, precision and repeatability to customers.  

Molded Injection of Soft Gel

With in-house CNC machining, we could grave any design for injection into a molded product. A wide range of reaction injection molding (RIM) capabilities including: molding behind fabrics…

Semi-automatic Screen Print

With the benefit of automatic screen printing is the faster rate of production and offers a more consistent quality. It doesn’t require the workforce of manual set up.


Detail oriented, organized, experienced sewer who uses various types of stitches and selects thread, twine, cord, or yarn and threads needles, following patterns, design specifications to assemble individual fiber, fabric, and other sub-components into fabricated cushion covers…

Graphic Center

Graphic center: Customer satisfaction is our priority, we have a professional and well-trained graphic team to offer all-in-one services and design to customers no matter AI file, photoshop or Auto CAD…


Die Cutting / Kiss Cutting

From ‘traveling head’ to high-speed Preco and inline multistep assembly & die cut, we are able to offer simple parts or multi-layer and “peel and stick” adhesive backed items.

About Us

PadsCure ™ is an OEM and ODM manufacturer of engineered gel and foam pads since 1990 when our mother company is established in Taiwan. We have years of experience working with designers of orthopedic, orthotic and sports medicine products and turn their requirements for cushion, compression, support, comfort, protection, stabilization, anti-friction, vibration, & slide into reality.

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